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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 30, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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>> that's it for me. i will be back. lots more news coming up. in the meantime, thanks for watching. newsroom with brooke baldwin starts right now. >> great to be with you. i'm brooke baldwin. we began with an execution that went horribly wrong about what has long been considered the most humane way of course we will bring that to you live the second we see her step behind that podium. the state tried to execute this man for the 1999 murder of a young woman who had just
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graduated high school. he tried to carjack her truck. when she refused to hand over the keys he tied her up with duct tape and shot her. she was forced to watch, then, as lockette and his accomplices dug a hole in the ground where she was ultimately buried alive. his execution began. he was given the three drug cocktail, but witnesses say the whole thing went so wrong that prison officials actually had to close the blinds at one point and halt it. >> those were the words he got out. man, i'm not -- and something's wrong. >> at 6:39, he's still lifting
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his shoulders and head off of the gurney grimacing. and he appeared to be in distress. >> so from start to finish, 6:23, 6:39 is when they closed the curtains. >> they said we're going to stop the execution at this point and they lowered the blinds and we were sitting there for quite some time waiting for them to lift the blinds or tell us something. we didn't know what was happening on the other side of the blinds. they didn't know if he was still dying or if they were pumping drugs into him. they said we're going to stop. >> those were some of the witness descriptions. we will be hearing from some of them live on the show but lockett's attorney said for a minute there was chaos. turns out lockett's vein exploded and died of a heart
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attack. oklahoma planned to put a second inmate to death as well but because of what happened, that execution has been stayed by the governor until officials figure out what went wrong. here to talk about this is dr. sanjay gupta. and so, let's just be crystal clear here a lot of people have zero sympathy for what happened last night. but sanjay, what went so wrong? >> it appears they tried to give the first drug to render somebody senseless and make them unconscious and unaware. the second drug is a paralittic. it paralyzes the diaphragm, so then you can't breathe any more. the third is to stop the heart. the concern as you point out is if the first drug didn't work well enough, could someone
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experience the pain or the psychological terror of suddenly being unable to breathe or the pain of having a heart attack. that's the concern. because the vein blew, the medication is no longer going into the blood but rather into the soft tissue. you still might get some of the medication but you don't know how much. >> isn't part of the issue, i keep hearing the word experimenting. because there was a lack of certain drugs or drugs have expired or italy said no way are we sending you these drugs because we want nothing to do with executions in your country, there was a dearth of drug therefore this is happening. >> since i was a first year medical student this has been one of the most ethically challenging things. doctors and nurses are not anxiously a part of this process. it's always really sticky. and what you're describe something right. these people say look, we don't
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want our drugs used that way any more. we have got to find different drugs. the drugs they are using are well known medications that are used in hospitals every day but obviously not for this purpose. >> let's come back to the constitution, prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment. i can't imagine as i said a moment ago, family members of the 19-year-old stephanie who perhaps say who cares about cruel and unusual. this man did this to my child. i don't care how he goes. is this not a quandary? thus far. >> this is one of the great paradoxes in american law is that executions are clearly legal. but it has to be done in a way that is not cruel and unusual. that is easier said than done. all through american history
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there have been various attempts to conduct executions in ways that are somewhat more humane than the last technique. hanging gave way to elect cushion which gave way to the gas chamber and now lethal injection. as of last year, all the suppliers who came from europe said we want no part of it any more. using compound pharmacies which are not as tightly regulate d.
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>> had everything gone the way it was supposed to go we probably wouldn't be having this discussion. the vein blew. >> this is just the beginning, i think, of some changes that we will be seeing. we will be reporting on. as i mentioned, we will be talking later in the show to two different witnesses who were there before the lines were closed and as i mentioned the oklahoma governor. remember she has placed a halt on executions for at least two weeks. she will be talking live from oklahoma city so stay tuned because we want to hear what she
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will say at the bottom of the hour. in the meantime, let's switch gears and talk about the city of los angeles feeling maybe renewed today, the nba is hailing its new commissioner adam silver for a job well done after he kicked la clippers owner donald sterling out of the league. his words were banned him for life for his racist remarks but silver also wants steriling to lose his ball club for life. can the clippers survive as a franchise if he does not? shaquille o'neal weighed in after the huge decision. >> realistically the players and the fans, we own the game. the owners are just custodians. most players don't play for the owners. i had one of the greatest owners but as a youngster growing up, i always wanted to make a name for myself and for my family and win for myself.
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this is the first time that, you know, the clippers have been mentioned with a legitimate chance of winning a title. this could throw a black eye on their season, but you just have to go out and play. it would be a great story if they go despite everything that went on. that would be a hell of a story. >> one, two, three! >> well, last night, game five, there they go. the clippers are one step closer to that reality. they triumph over the golden state warriors and are one more game from advancing to the play offs. many have said that the healing can begin but the fallout is far from over. the nba may want all traces of sterling to be gone but will the league owners vote to make the disgraced business man sell his
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team or not? and the big question, rachel, we heard commissioner silver urge for that vote immediately. do we know when that could happen? >> yeah, it's just a process. they're going to have a conference call tomorrow. they're going to decide on the conference call to officially notify donald sterling. we certainly expect that part to happen. they will have three days to do that. he has five days to respond. ten days after that, they're going to have to meet as the board of governors or one of their representatives from each team, he is going to have a chance to speak at that meeting. they're going to have a chance to bring in witnesses and other testimony and they will decide his fate. adam silver said in the press conference yesterday that he feels good about his chances but i asked him, did you poll the owners before coming out and making the announcement, and he was very special about saying no. i think that's fascinating. he didn't go behind closed doors
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and gather consensus, which is what we would expect. he very purposefully pulled a power move and laid it at the owners' feet in public. these owners can't hide behind any of their other concerns. they now have to answer to their own sponsors, players, and fan base. that puts a lot more pressure on them. who wants to side with the side of racism? it's an interesting question. mark cuban the day before said i don't know about this, it seems like a slippery slope. now that adam silver has called everyone out, do you really think that mark cuban will vote against him? >> i think it was very clear, with the words he chose at the news conference. so back to the vote. so sterling himself will be there to present his case and have represent sentives to present his case, yes? >> he is supposed to have the opportunity to.
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look, don't think that donald sterling hasn't been making phone calls. we don't know. but it would certainly follow his character to be trying to lobby a little bit. he's been an owner for years. they have worked together, been in meeting after meeting, retreat after retreat. you would imagine he would be trying to elbow a few guys and make a few guys, call in a few favors. one of his tactics could be hey, i maybe could sue you guys and that's a lawsuit that legal experts don't think he could win because of the agreement that he signed with his nba team, but he could sue and threaten to put a bunch of stuff into public record that maybe some of the owners don't want in public record or maybe tie them up in court. doc rivers said i don't know if i feel comfortable coaching the team if sterling is still the
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owner. the players suddenly aren't going to want to play. the smart course would be that he would go gently into the night. he has clearly lost this one in the court of public opinion. you would hope that he would follow through with that and say hey, i'm going to walk away. >> what a story. yesterday triumph just begins. thank you so much. awesome job. all over this one for us. the nba wants sterling to sell the team but that could be maybe years away. how will the players themselves handle the situation this is not a river. at least two military bases with chest high water in people's homes. and a company says it knows
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>> welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. people are hiding in their attics as floodwaters are rising in their own homes.
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where streets, as you can see here, turned into raging muddy rivers. at least one person was killed. storms and possible tornados today are threatening 37 million people. just wrap your head around that. 37 million people all the way from florida up to virginia. part of pensacola's scenic highway collapsed and more rain is on the way. >> we have had over 22 inches of rain in the panhandle. we have had flash flooding and about 300 requests for evacuations. i have declared a state of emergency for 26 counties. >> tens of thousands of people don't have power. let's get the latest. joining me on the phone, spokesman for a local county. bill, you with me? >> i sure am. how are you doing this afternoon? >> better than you are, it
11:19 am
sounds like. this storm you are experiencing is unlike anything else you have seen? >> it really is. this is really unlike anything anyone here has ever seen. we have shown some of the pictures of the damage here. we are seeing chunks of road wash away. it's breathtaking for those of us who have not been in this county home. >> what's the biggest challenge for rescue crews? >> we are still dealing with water and flooding in the area. still dealing with water as it recedes and that becomes a problem because it increases the speed of the water as it flows to the lowest point. so we're trying to still rescue and recover. we're still going to be in that mode of operation through the end of the early afternoon. and once we transition from that and ramp up our rescue and recovering mode, we're going to start going to the recovery
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phase where it will kick off in earnest tomorrow morning to assess the damage to see what is broken, what is damaged, what can be saved and what can be repaired immediately. >> can you estimate for me, bill, how many people are stranded? >> i can't. i know we have crews working feverishly. you talked about the national guard sending equipment over here. the help that the state of florida has sent in manpower and equipment but this is really hard to plan for something that has really never happened quite like this before in northwest florida. for instance, right now we have got ten major thoroughfares that are closed at some point along the way because of flooding or potholes or sink holes or fear of the roads collapsing.
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it's unlike anything we have seen and we have seen our share of bad weather. >> best of luck to you, your crews and the national guard. >> malaysia has been desperate for a lead to find the missing plane and now a company says it knows where the plane is. some authorities have been pretty quick to dismiss that claim. is it time for search crews to take a second look at the northern arc? >> and forbes says the clippers are worth $575 million. that could be hundreds of millions off the mark. we will look at the price tag of donald sterling's team if and when he sells it. it's how i look at life. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin
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plus, you could save hundreds when you switch, up to $423. call... today. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? >> an australian marine exploration company may have done what no one else has been able to do for 55 days, that is find this missing plane. this bangladesh navy has entered the search after scientists spotted this. this is what they believe could be the wreckage of the commercial airliner and not just any airliner but possibly the boeing 777. appearing on their scans right after the flight vanished, but here's the problem. this is one of several. this is thousands of miles from the current search area in the
11:26 am
southern arc. where we were led thanks to their inmarsat analses. houston is doubtful. >> it's certainly something that needs to be looked at. i believe it probably has beene. i'm focused on the search in our area of responsibility and i'm focused on that arc. >> cnn was one of the very few members of the media who made it to the company's headquarters. to learn more about this discovery and why they're urging searchers to take a look. >> as the search continues.
11:27 am
>> a team believes they may have found its location over 5,000 kilometers away. >> we are not into making theer r theories. we guarantee that location there are chemical elements that are part of a plane. >> this man is convinced that through high-tech imaging gathered through satellites and planes it has found the remains of an aircraft 190 kilometers off the coast of bangladesh. >> it was totally incredible when we saw the results. it was wreckage of an aircraft that was incredible. >> the search began four days after the plane's disappearance testing for elements found in a boeing 777. working off the plane's last radar detection they searched the northern corridor, covering
11:28 am
over 2 million square kilometers until they found the match. some analysts are skeptical of the technology. >> the most fundamental reason is they talk about multispectral imaging and there is no multispectral imagery that will penetrate that far. >> the director says he stands by their findings but he is not prepared to divulge their methodology. >> no one is claiming this is mh 370 but the imaging three days before the plane disappeared turned up none of the elements. the report was sent to malaysian airlines but despite repeated efforts to make contact, no one respond. geo residents deny this is a
11:29 am
publicity seeking exercise saying it never wanted to go public with its report but when the governments failed to respond, that's when they went to the media, believing if their moral obligation to the families of the victims of mh-370. >> if our lead is proved correct, that is fantastic for the families. if not, let us discount it and we can move on. >> something the families and relatives of the 239 people on board are so desperate to do. cnn, australia. >> thank you. coming up here, would you be willing to work for a racist? clippers players have been pretty clear with how they're feeling about this after comments by sterling went public. if he's not soon forced to sell the team, players may have to decide for themselves in the off season what to do. and ahead, this woman right here led to yesterday's historic
11:30 am
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>> welcome back. bottom of the hour you're watching cnn. oklahoma city just to set the stage for you, we are waiting, should begin any minute now. this news conference that will be led by the governor will be discussing specifically this investigation that she has launched into last night's botched execution where this
11:34 am
death row inmate did not die as expected after receiving the three-drug cocktail designed to end his life. ultimately the execution had to be halted. lockett did die anyway from a heart attack some 43 minutes later. in the meantime, 24 hours after donald sketerling booted out of the nba. >> we need a decision by the nba owners now. >> so that was the house floor. now to new details about this
11:35 am
woman who started this entire controversy. sterling's now exgirlfriend. take a look. this, here she is wearing this infamous, dare i say daft punkesque visor. she is not saying too much but she did say something that is certainly raising eyebrows today. apparently she wants to be president? >> one day i will become president of the united states of america and i will change the legislation and laws. modern day history civil rights movement. >> that's kind of hard to hear over that traffic noise but she said she wants to be president. no word yet when she will lift the visor and when we will see her face but there is more we do now know about her. >> after she left her los
11:36 am
angeles home, v.'s intuition proved correct. one day i will look back at instagram and say i have been there and do that. it was this picture that reportedly sent her boyfriend over the edge. stiviano was president of a company bearing her name suspended by the california franchise tax board. it's unclear what the company did, she describes herself as artist, lover, writer, chef, poet, stylist, flan throw miss saying i do it all. >> she definitely likes the rap world. >> court records and public records shows that she used at least five names. during the now famous recording
11:37 am
argument, sterling seems at a loss for words. >> i'm a mixed girl. you're in love with me. and i'm black and mexican whether you like it or not. >> born october 1982, stiviano is almost 50 years younger than the 80-year-old billionaire. he apparently began supporting her almost immediately in a lawsuit filed before the tapes went public, sterling's wife alleged that stiviano targeted her husband. those gifts include a $1.8 million la duplex, two bentlies and a ferrari. license plates that read i heart you v and v hearts you. stiviano says she was archiving
11:38 am
sterling's conversation at his request. >> she claims she is not a girlfriend, just an employee. an archivist who is tasked with recording conversations and working with a clippers related charity. >> it is said that she did not work for the clipper organization. sterling and several other family charities. stiviano's lawyer plans to speak in the next couple of days. sterling's wife is suining stiviano saying that there was no right to buy anything for her, the wife wants it back. >> thank you. coming up, severe weather. >> forcing major flooding. we will take a look at the hardest hit areas in the country
11:39 am
next on cnn.
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>> storms. storms are threatening 37 people across the southeast. florida to virginia including floods. really the pictures tell the story. take a look for yourself. here's a guy clinging to a tree. he is trapped in a flood in mobile, alabama. a firefighter swims to help this man out. hands him -- watch this with me. hands him what looks to be a flotation device and ultimately, this ends well, he pulls him to safety. this all happened, this was a road, by the way. it's now a river. unbelievable, just one of so many stories we're reading here.
11:43 am
pensacola, florida, at least one person has drowned. look how far up you can see how far that water was based upon the windows of the cars. florida's governor declared a state of emergency for 27 counties. he told me this is the worst thing that i have ever seen. do you want me to go to that? pause, let's go to oklahoma. >> questions that we have had in our office in relation to the execution last night. last night the state of oklahoma executed clayton lockett. in 1999 he physically assaulted, kidnapped newman and had an accomplice bury her alive in a shallow grave.
11:44 am
he also repeatedly raped a second woman. he was convicted in a fair trial by a jury of his peers. he was then sentenced to death. he appealed the execution and that appeal was rejected by the oklahoma supreme court and the oklahoma court of criminal appeals. he had his day in court. i believe the legal process worked. i believe the death penalty is an appropriate response and punishment to those who commit heinous crimes against their fellow men and women. however, i also believe the state needs to be certain of its protocols and procedures for executions and that they work. for that reason, i have asked for a review of the department of corrections execution
11:45 am
protocols. after consulting further with the department of corrections director, we agree that an independent review of the department of corrections procedures would be effective and also appropriate. i have asked michael thompson to lead an independent review of the state's execution procedures and that review will focus on three different things. first of all, lockett's cause of death. the commissioner has informed me that the medical examiner's office will authorize an independent pathologist to make that determination. second it will be to see if the
11:46 am
department of correction followed proper protocol and commissioner thompson will develop recommendations to improve propertocols for the department of correction. i expect the review process to be deliberate and thorough and it will be the first step in evaluating our state's execution protocols. my office will communicate with the attorney general's office on any possible additional steps that might need to be taken to allow for commissioner thompson's review process to be completed before any further executions. last night i also issued an executive order staying the execution of charles warner until may 13. i have not given commissioner thompson a deadline to complete the review. if he has not completed the
11:47 am
review by may 13, an additional stay will be issued at that time. if there are adjustments that he needs to make, or that need to be made to the state's execution protocols, those adjustments will be made. charles warner also had his day in court. he committed a horrible crime. physical abuse, rape, and murder of an 11 month old baby. >> oklahoma governor is talking about two individuals. the second individual whose execution she has now stayed, this execution that went horribly wrong because of the three drug cocktail. she has issued two independent reviews. one with the department of corrections to figure what happened, how this guy died and if proper protocols were followed. this man, clayton lockett died
11:48 am
in 43 minutes, which should have taken just minutes. veins burst. blinds were closed because something was going horribly wrong. this has happened before here and that is a whole other story. capital punishment back in the spotlight in this country to be discussed. also to be discussed, we just left off talking about the weather. when we come back, jennifer gray talking about the storms, the flooding in the south and also this fire raging in the west. stay here. [ female announcer ] hands were made for playing.
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>> by the way that severe weather, 37 million people
11:52 am
threatened by the severe weather. and a lot of that flooding as i was saying before, this is something that he has never experienced there. >> the water can come in so fast. it can rise so fast. we saw it in boulder last year and we are seeing it in the panhandle this year. yesterday we had incredible amounts of rain. it rained all day in the panhandle. still raining. and the storms started training. think of a train on a track, one after another and those storms just kept going over the same place over and over and over. and that's where we got the incredible amounts of rain. this storm system is finally going to pick up some speed today. so the showers are tapering off. look at that, areas of white. more than ten inches of rain right there in the panhandle. here are break downs as far as rainfall totals. milton, florida, 19 inches of rain. pence cola, more than 17.
11:53 am
i wanted to show you the flood stage. this is how fast the water can rise. you can see an amount of about a six houf time frahour time fram water rose amazingly so. the flood stage is going to go down but the river run off is going to be a problem so expect places to stay flooded for the next day or so. it's going to be a problem. the showers move off of the east coast. the focus now is on the east coast, places around dc getting a lot of rain and severe weather. i want to mention something else, the product of not enough rain. look at it, california, 200 acres burning and on top of that, 80 mile per hour wind gusts. they are unable to fight this fire from the air because of the wind. >> 40 miles east of la. i know we have a reporter en
11:54 am
route. in the meantime, floyd mayweather loves to gamble and now he says he wouldn't mind putting his money into the la clippers. who else might want to buy the nba team if sterling is forced to sell? that's ahead. over and tells you, and you're like. a good deal or not. looking at there's no buyer's remorse. save time, save money, and never overpay. visit if yand you're talking toevere rheuyour rheumatologistike me, about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain. this is humira helping me lay the groundwork. this is humira helping to protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block
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i'm taking off, but, uh, don't worry. i'm gonna leave the tv on for you. and if anything happens, don't forget about the new xfinity my account app.
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11:58 am
in terms of cha-ching, how much could the clippers go for? >> we have been speaking to investment banks and the ranges are from $850 million to a billion. how do they get that number? they look at other nba teams that have recently sold. the kings sold for $535 million and the milwaukee bucs sold for $550 million. that's a huge price tag. they're in the fifth smallest tv market in the nba and they're in dire need of a new arena as well. the idea is if milwaukee can sell for $550 million, then surely the la clippers can sell for a whole lot more especially when you consider that los angeles is the second largest tv
11:59 am
market in the united states. the clippers' tv deal is up for renewal soon so they could potentially get a lot of money. and just the rarity of how frequently these teams in large tv markets come up for sale. the last time the clippers were up for sale was back in 1981. and also the chicago bulls, the last time they were up for sale was in 1985. and lastly you have to remember that anyone who buys the la clippers right now stands to benefit from a huge amount of positive publicity. you're basically going to come in looking like a hero. and there's a premium for looking like a hero. >> i'm curious if sterling might leave a darker mark on the team. could one get a discount? could this be damaged goods? although the clippers are doing pretty well. >> exactly. there was some initial consent about this when this news broke but then, yesterday, when nba
12:00 pm
commissioner adam silver came down hard in terms of the lifetime ban, you then saw sponsors start to come back. nike and samsung. some may argue that the clippers are more popular now because so many people really rallied behind them. >> we watch and wait to see what the owners do. thank you so much. and let's continue on the top of the hour and stay on this. i'm brooke baldwin and thank you for being with me here. the big question swirling around the nba is what will the owners do concerning donald sterling. he is banned from the nba because of the racist raremarkse did indeed make. commissioner adam silver said he will begin the termination
12:01 pm
proceeding as soon as possible. that pleases a lot of people including this guy, magic johnson ch johnson. here now is magic johnson's reaction to yesterday's major news. >> i'm just happy that commissioner adam silver came down hard and showed that we can't let people get away with this even if you're an owner. >> magic johnson and as owners gear up to terminate, shaquille o'neal who has a stake in the kings says there is zero tolerance for racist comments. >> a lot of the owners have zero
12:02 pm
tolerance for comments like that. we hope the other owners feel as strongly as we do. >> let's talk about the legalities of this former new york giant, let's begin with you. nice to see you friend. listen, we have talked to you, i have talked to you. we just heard from magic and shaq. lots of players thrilled with how commissioner silver handled this yesterday. you played football. is this something that other pro athletes are talking about? what are folks saying? >> it's the biggest thing in sports right now. that's all i was talking about for the first hour of my show yesterday. it's one thing, when racism happens in this country, especially in a sport that you think is a forefront leader of race relations like the nba, you think that it wouldn't really transpire in a sport like the
12:03 pm
nba. >> we talk about the nba. he says, you know, yes, and many agree that it's been alive and well. the nba is one thing but i have to press when when it comes to football. i was thinking about riley cooper using the n-word. he apologized and was suspended. >> sensitivity training. >> exactly. and not only that, he just re-signed for like millions of dollars. and there are other anti-gay remarks that made national news and i haven't heard of a player or coach banned from the nfl. where do we draw the line? >> i think we should try to eradicate it from all sports. we also need to look at the name washington redskins. to have that name represent the nfl, i don't know how that can stand now that adam silver, the
12:04 pm
commissioner of the nba has put his stake down and said we're not accepting it. that's is something that you would heat up again. that debate, whether the redskins should be able to use that name. >> how, when we talk about we know commissioner silver was urging the right to come to a vote. >> donald silver could vouch for himself with the owners. >> one of the problems is we just found out if process. the institution has been confidential. i think the process is less than transparent also even though we know what the prosays will be. we know that the rules of evidence don't apply i don't
12:05 pm
know that it has ever happened before. not only the horrific things that we heard him say on these tape tapes i mean, people are saying, you know, that they will have a majority of the owners and that's what they need. they need a majority of owners to kick him out. i do want to piggy bag on what you were just mentioning. you see racism on the coach and player level. that after apology and sensitivity training perhaps everyone is absolved. this situation, i think, is very, very different. we're talking about the ownership level. we're talking about the employer level. >> still not acceptable at any level. >> it's not. but don't tell me that his private thoughts didn't somehow filter into the way he ran his
12:06 pm
business. and we know that there are laws in our country that preclude people from discriminating on the basis of race in their business practices and i really think it's important to note that. we're hearing all of these arguments about free speech, this was a private conversation. guess what? it's public now and he's an owner. >> it's public to your point, people knew about this. it goes back specifically to 2006, the discrimination against black and hispanic tenants. it goes back years. folks here say they knew about this. this is just the moment when, you know, the media throws the audio up. and i'm just curious, however many years you were playing ball. did you ever experience anything where you just kind of you talked about it maybe among your friends but you didn't say anything? >> i was lucky to play for an organization, the new york
12:07 pm
giants, just the furthest thing from my mind. but, you know, you got to look at this guy's history. and he's been sued by elgin baylor. this is the first point that the nba had towards him. in the other lawsuits, the housing lawsuit got settled, and so there was no blame so they couldn't really have any -- make reaction. >> here's the next question. we talk about this audio recording and i was reading espn made this point. great if you want to punish an owner for this private conversation. if tmz plans to make pillow talk public, it won't be long before a parade of athletes join sterling on ignorance island.
12:08 pm
you have been in many locker rooms. not everyone is politically correct. does he have a point? >> no. there is some fun that goes on between teammates but there is no hatred and malice. what sterling was spewing was hatred and malice. that has no place in sports. it doesn't matter what color you are, it doesn't matter any ethnicity or religion it doesn't matter. you can go on the court. >> these are private conversations that were recorded and released. >> i think she -- certainly there is that legal issue. in california you're not
12:09 pm
supposed to tape someone without your consent. maybe he has a cause of action against her. we know this is a guy that likes to sue people. i think if you look at the broader picture it is a public matter here. he is an owner. he needs to be put to task for the private thoughts that i am sure filtered their way into business decisions. let me say this, i think the lack of transparency that we have seen from these owners is reprehensible. >> how do you mean lack of transparency? >> we didn't know about the nba constitution and this vote could, perhaps, also be confidential and private. if you're going to do the right thing, then have this hearing be public. i want to know what your vote was. it should be a public procedure. i want to know what's going on and i want to know which of the owners will vote in favor and against. >> i 100% agree. one thing that the commissioner
12:10 pm
agree agreed he had an opportunity to vote? 29 person vote. >> you're exactly right so far. banned for life all things clippers, all things facility, nba, but ultimately it is up to the remaining owners to determine his fate. awesome discussion. thank you so much for joining me today. i really appreciate it. the woman who exposed donald sterling and his racist comments is now considering a higher office? at least so she says as she was leaving this restaurant caught by paparazzi. they have been following v stiviano wearing this visor thing. she was caught outside a bistro
12:11 pm
talking about her quest for the white house. >> one day i will become president of the united states of america and i will change the legislation and laws. modern day civil rights movement. >> i know it's tough to hear but she talks about wanting to be president and wanting to write laws and i heard the word civil rights. it's still unclear if stiviano will face any legal consequences for recording the private conversations with sterling. that's another part of the story we will be watching more. >> coming up, an australian exploration company says it has found evidence of a plane thousands of miles from a current search area. why are we just now hearing about this? is this company credible? could this be the plane? we'll look at that. also severe weather slamming parts of the southeast. at least one person dead in
12:12 pm
florida, roads turning to rivers. we will take you there live. this is the los angeles area, acres burning. folks being evacuated from their homes. it was the worst pain i ever had.
12:13 pm
♪ ♪
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nature lover... people person. ♪ and you put up with it all... because he also booked you a room... at this place. planet earth's number one accomodation site: booking.yeah! >> welcome back. i'm brook baldwin. right now two bangladesh navy ships are in the bay of bengal. it is searching for possibly
12:16 pm
remains of missing flight mh-370. an australia marine company say they believe it is the remains of boeing 777 that was spotted right around the time that the flight vanished. >> as the search continues for mh-370, a team of scientists from an australian mining exploration company believe they may have found its location more than 5,000 kilometers away. it is believed that there is the remains of an aircraft found 190 kilometers off the coast of bangladesh. >> it is a scientific proven fact that we guarantee that at that location there are chemical elements that are part of a plane. >> their search began four days
12:17 pm
after the plane's disappearance testing for elements found in a boeing 777. and while many are skeptical of the technology, the team stands by the science and their findings. the final report was sent two weeks ago to malaysian airlines and all countries involved in the search but they got no response. no no one is saying this is, in fact, the remains of mh-370 but they are calling on authorities to investigate saying it's their moral obligation to the families of the victims on board. >> and thank you. coming up we will talk more about this. could this be the plane that investigators have been looking for? some experts say no way. we'll talk about that. also ahead, more la clippers owner donald sterling. could this now be precedent setting for owners and players? back after a quick break. in pursuit of all things awesome, amazing,
12:18 pm
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12:21 pm
>> we want to get you straight now to severe weather. we have fire on the west coast, flooding on the east. 37 million people threatened by the floods from florida to virginia. i have just received word, here he is, just arrived at the scene of that fire to you firks tell me what you ear seeing. >> you can see right now over my right shoulder, the eastern edge of this fire that started this
12:22 pm
morning, cause unknown. this neighborhood on the far eastern edge of the fire threatened. 1100 people evacuated. we have seen engines go in there to stand and structure protection for those poems. you can tell by the color of the smoke that it is dark and the nir largely unchecked. they are unable to get water on this fire right now from the air because of the absolutely sinister winds that are whipping up here. the winds right now, believe it or not, sort of calm earlier. we were almost blown over. there is no way that you can fly a helicopter or a fixed wing aircraft in here to drop that purple material on the plane. they are hoping the winds will die down and they can begin fighting this fire by air. they say 200 acres have burned.
12:23 pm
right now we have not seen any houses burn and they are now hoping as i said before, try to get a break in the wind so that they can get some help up in the air. >> as you mentioned, school and home evacuations. you can see really the smoke and i can hear the wind picking up on your microphone. so talk about a challenge if you can't attack this thing from the air with the water with the 80 mile an hour winds. at wha point can they fly? do we know? obviously this puts all fire fighting efforts right now on these ground crews. some of them with the core service very used to digging in with these situations and getting in with the brush trucks. an extremely difficult task. they were well aware that
12:24 pm
there's a high fire danger. all of this stuff behind me should be a lot greener. this has been -- >> a lot of brown. all of the so called fuel. that is obviously adding to the fire and making it a lot more interesting. as i said they are to get crews all over the days of the ree squan. of course we will come back to y you. >> i'm 1800 miles from where i
12:25 pm
started. and now pensacola. we see flooding. we did not get the tornado outbreak yesterday because the people got flooded out. 24 inches in 24 hours. two feet of rain in 24 hours. it had to go somewhere and it went on the ground and then it went up. it kept piling up and up and up. this gulf of mexico storm down here cut off the moisture feet to the tornados so there was nothing up really north of us where we were hoping for something to clear. let's not have a third day of this we did not get a third day of tornados. finally said hey, a sigh of relief. people here are picking up with this flooding. we talked to governor rick scott earlier today and he calls the devastating flooding a tragedy for this little area because it
12:26 pm
has been hit so hard so many times but people tell me that this flooding that we're seeing right now is worse than ivan and worse than katrina ever did to them. >> it was said to me this is the worst seen or experienced for this part of florida, at least. chad myers, thank you so much. driving along i hear the exhaustion in your voice. we appreciate you. coming up is this company even credible? we will explore that next on cnn. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
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welcome back, bottom of the hour. it has just expanded. this is what they believe could be the wreckage of a commercial airliner. it is thousands of miles away
12:31 pm
from the current search area. you see that big red circle? that's where they're saying it could be. they are searching based upon all of the inmarsat data. should they even go there? joining me is michael kay, men, nice to see both ou yochlt let's go to both of you. he came on and said my blood is boiling over the possibility of this notion. how it must make families feel. what do you make of this company and should it be explored, jeff? >> i was communicating with miles this morning and we were each getting each other's judgment. the more you look into it, if
12:32 pm
more ridiculous is it. they didn't register their website since 2011. they claim they found this famous world war ii ship in 2005 but it has not been discovered. the technology is laughable. when ever somebody makes a laughable claim that they have technology that they won't tell you what it is -- >> that's what you mean by laughable? >> bad. >> bad. >> okay. >> improbable is what i'm trying to say. in the wake of australians failing to find the plane where you said it with was we are seeing all of it.
12:33 pm
we got so excited. there is a big floating thing. there are thousands of things floating in the ocean and you can't chase off all of them. >> do you think there is tiny possibility and we should send something to check it out? >> i don't think anyone has come forward and said this is the silver bullet that we have all been looking for. let's get ocean shield, let's get echo, let's get the uk fleet to check it out. i don't think anyone has actually said that. i think an investigation that has been going on for 54 days with no unequivocal leads with analysis that has bespoke it's unique, pioneering and never done before, and i mean the inmarsat with the pings. i don't think it's unreasonable
12:34 pm
to have a conversation. i'm not advocating to deploy lots of assets. i'm saying that you have got an investigation team that is full of very credible organizations. let's have some conversations. these people have been doing these investigations for many, many years so at least let's just have the conversation to see what this proprietary software is and what it can do. it's a mineral exploration company. it's been doing this in the ground since 2000. it looks for oil, nickel and minerals. that's what it is. let's have a conversation and rule it out if we need to. >> conversation but maybe not throw a ton of resources at it. i hear you.
12:35 pm
let me play some sound. this is the partner of one of the passengers. we have heard from her quite a bit here. this is what she told cnn about this. >> they felt fairly confident as of four weeks ago that they had seen something. they released that data. it was ignored. after two weeks they released another set of recordings and that was ignored, too, so they went to the media. i do believe it is worth sending a boat out. the water is only 1,000 meters deep and they have gps coordinates of where to go. we would like to see the government follow up on this. it seems valid. >> you talk about the evidence being laughable but when you hear sarah come on and say let's check it out -- >> that's exactly why miles was so infuriated. because you make these sciency words and it sounds like you have got technology that you don't really have but you are
12:36 pm
making sciency noises and you kind of create this storm system of enthusiasm and i think when you start playing with the emotions of the passenger's families, that's when it becomes from an innocent prank or whatever it is that they are doing to something that is harmful and bad. >> brooke, can i jump in? there is one thing i would say as well. let's look at what other evidence that is out there. this is 118 miles off the coast. this is well within primary radar. it's bangladesh or thailand. >> thank you both very much. >> thank you. >> coming up, a botched execution in oklahoma raising
12:37 pm
serious ethical questions here. this convicted murderer and rapist died 43 minutes after his lethal injection. he eventually died of a heart attack. we will talk to someone who was there and witnessed this. stay with me. humans. even when we cross our "ts" and dot our "i's", we still run into problems.
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>> a botched execution prompts oklahoma's governor to announce this three prong independent review of the way her state carries out the death penalty and may issue additional protocol. last night the state of oklahoma tried to execute this man, 38-year-old clayton lockett for the 1999 murder of a young woman who had just graduated high school. he was convicted of shooting 19-year-old stephanie niemann
12:41 pm
twice. he tried to carjack her truck but when she refused to hand over the keys he tied her up with duct tape and shot her. she was forced to watch lockett and an accomplice dig a grave in which she was eventually buried alive in. he was given a three drug cocktail, but the whole thing went awry, went wrong. prison officials had to halt it. turns out lockett's vein exploded and he died 49 minutes later of a heart attack after the first injection. oklahoma's plan to put a second inmate to death last night but the execution has been stayed until officials figure out exactly what went wrong. the governor announced an independent review in the case. >> that review will focus on
12:42 pm
three different things. first of all, clayton lockett's cause of death. commissioner thompson informed me that the state medical examiner's office to make the determination. second the review will determine whether or not the department of corrections followed the correct protocol for executions and third, commissioner thompson will develop recommendations to improve execution protocols from the department of corrections. i expect the review process to be deliberate, to be thorough, and it will be the first step in evaluating our state's execution protocols. >> so let me bring in -- any time you have an execution you
12:43 pm
have family members, lawyers and members of the media to bear witness. matt was there last night and he joins us on the phone. matt, if you can take me inside that room, tell me what you saw and heard. >> it was really just sort of a weird event. he came in more or less on time and sat there for almost 20 minutes while they were still getting things ready. they had the screens to the execution chamber down so we couldn't see anything. once the director came in and gave the order to proceed with the execution, the screens came up. lockett refused to give any sort of final statement and that's when the first dose of drugs was pushed into hissiv iv. it took 16 minutes from then to when the screens went down and the execution wasn't successful
12:44 pm
at that point. we were all confused as to what was happening. >> how could you tell -- i'm sorry for jumping in. how could you tell something was going wrong? what were you seeing and hearing? >> well, about 8 minutes after they started, the doctor in the chamber checks lockett to see if he was unconscious yet and he wasn't. a couple minutes later he did declare him unconscious and soon after that he started writhing around on the table, lifting his head and shoulders completely off of the pillow and mumbling. you could tell even if he was conscious, something wasn't going right. >> and so i understand that at a point after, you know, x more minutes passed, there were blinds and those blinds were shut? is that correct? so you couldn't see what was going on behind the blinds.
12:45 pm
>> right, exactly. about six minutes after he started moving initially is when the prison official announced they were going to lower the screen and they did that and kept the microphone inside the chambers so we couldn't hear anything. the last thing we saw was the doctor on lockett's right side lifting up the sheet checking his right arm. >> we now know it took 43 minutes since that initial iv, that initial drug, one of the three which clearly the whole thing didn't kick in. his vein burst and he died of a heart attack. i'm not sure if you had a chance. a lot of people were saying this obviously went so wrong. if you were a family member of that victim, you may have zero sympathy for what this man went through last night before he died. i'm curious if you even could
12:46 pm
see the looks on anyone's faces whether there were lawyers for this man, family members of stephanie niemann, who he killed. >> we couldn't see -- i mean any family members that may have been there. they were in a separate screened off portion of the viewing area. the state officials in the front row didn't really change their expressions at all. and i couldn't see lockett's attorney from where i was at but there was a palpable oh no, something's wrong moment among the media witnesses that were in the room. thank you so much for sharing what you saw and now because of this and even other examples, ohio most recently, the death penalty in this country back in the spotlight and this is just the beginning of another national conversation that we need to have about this. we will continue following the breaking story out of
12:47 pm
california. look at this brush fire burning about 30 miles outside of los angeles forcing people to evacuate schools and homes. we will take you there and give you an update. >> also ahead, los angeles clippers owner donald sterling banned for life from the nba. how might this affect sterling's charitii charitiys, how does that work? stay with me. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything.
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12:51 pm
let's come up on pictures here. this is the los angeles area, this is near rancho cucamonga, the fire 30 miles outside l.a., fire burning here. talk about flooding on the east. begin in california. jennifer grey watching this. talking to our correspondent, paul vercammen, not just homes, schools evacuated. >> the smoke is incredible now. you have 80-mile-per-hour winds and they're not able to fight this from the air. the helicopters can't get up there. you're talking about a huge problem right now. the wind blowing smoke around. it's close to metro l.a. is it just one example of the weather extremes we're dealing with now. a drought in california and too much water over on the east coast. so, it's just a real big problem. hopefully winds will die down soon and they can start to fight that. >> wind is whipping. >> raging out of control. >> can't get above it.
12:52 pm
>> let's switch gears and talk about the water, the rain in the panhandle of florida because that has been a huge problem over the past 24 hours. more people die in flash flooding than anything else, tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, anything. water can rise so quickly and that's what happened over the past 24 hours. i'm going to show you the rain. what we call training with these storms, you think about a train on the railroad tracks, one car after another, that's how the storms operated yesterday. one storm right after another, basically in the same spot and we had a huge surge of gulf moisture coming on in yesterday. rain still fall in panhandle. however, it is starting to push out. starting to see these showers move to the east slowly but surely. look at this white area right around pensacola, more than ten inches of rain. so what happened? we had this low set up across the country. it was basically stuck. we had this blocking pattern,
12:53 pm
this low cut off from the main jet. and it basically sucked a ton of moisture in from the gulf of mexico. nothing pushing behind it. nothing making it go forward. so, basically you had all of this moisture pulling in and it created just a huge area of rain around the panhandle, that's where we got more than 17, 18, almost 19 inches of water in the panhandle. >> rescue and recovery efforts in the next 24, 48 hours, it sounds like in the panhandle area of florida. jennifer grey, thank you. panhandle people, california, thinking about you here? next, los angeles clippers' owner donald sterling banned for life not just from the clippers but the nba. now charities are facing tough dilemma here. do they keep the money that donald sterling gave them? donated to them, or should they give it back? ♪
12:54 pm
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12:57 pm
l.a. clippers' owner donald sterling banned for life from the nba with racist comments he made were recorded. after hearing comments, why would sterling donate money to several minority organizations, especially naacp? now they're giving his money back, and charities are as well. poppy harlow has the story. >> reporter: billionaire donald sterling opened his wallet for charity and let people know it. ucla tells cnn, this ad in sunday's l.a. times touting his gift for kidney research placed by sterling himself, not the university-ucla returning sterling's $425,000 donation and rejecting the rest of his $3 million pledge. >> he likes to portray himself as a charitable man. i would say, on a spectrum, he's about one of the least charitable billionaires out
12:58 pm
there. >> reporter: sterling amassed a fortune of nearly $2 billion according to "forbes" largely from real estate with apartments across california. nba's $2.5 million fine, maximum allowed, is a drop in the bucket. he bought the l.a. clippers for a reported $12 million in 1981, some estimates put the team's value now at between half a billion and a billion dollars. there's no saying exactly hoy much sterling has given to charity, but tax records show the donald t. sterling charitable foundation donated roughly $1.4 million since its founding in 2007, less than his nba fine. thousands have gone to minority organizations, including the united negro power fund, the na naacp. >> how much money did donald sterling give to the naacp? >> it was not a significant amount of money. >> reporter: sterling even received a humanitarian of the
12:59 pm
year award from the black business association and lifetime achievement award from the los angeles chapter of the naacp in 2009. >> we have to be careful about the money we take. we have to make sure that the color of the money does not taint us and that we can carry out our mission, we cannot sell out just to get the money. >> reporter: sterling's foundation donated $30,000 to the simon wiesenthal center's museum of tolerance but the leader is appalled, and says it won't accept money from sterling ever again. >> we used that $30,000 to combat the kind of racism, hatred, and anti-semitism that sim bombizes what sterling said in that tape. >> reporter: cnn's calls to sterling's representatives have not been returned. and some organizations that have benefitted from sterling's fortune want nothing to do with him now. >> philanthropy has a long history of turning bad money
1:00 pm
into good, so what shouldn't happen, somebody shouldn't be getting more praise than really deserved. >> reporter: poppy harlow, cnn, new york. >> thank you. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> all i've got to say, those proverbial may flowers, bet beer be extra beautiful after this. i'm jake tapper tapp this is "te lead." the roads, washed out. terrified people, fleeing to their attics hoping for rescue. this torrential rain is not yet done with the east coast. also in national news, well, it had the desired effect, he's dead after all, but the lethal injection for this convicted murder did not go even close to plan. where did oklahoma get the drug combo it used for the first time on him? why are states allowed to be so secretive about this? the sports